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The Meeting House pulpit, the single most important element of the building, includes a richly paneled and molded speaker's platform, a compass-headed window framed by pilasters and a sounding board.  The communion table is hinged to the front of the pew at the base of the pulpit so that it could fold down.  Tradition says that two skillful joiners from Dedham, Massachusetts had to be called upon to do the nicer work, especially that of the admirable pulpit and sounding board.

The pews at the Meeting House follow the form and details common to mid-to-late 18th century meeting houses.  The walls are composed of Georgian panel work and their upper sections include a screen of spindles.  The installation of these box pews and their numbers suggests that the parish is likely to have observed the common practice of 'seating' the meeting house, assigning residents to seats according to their position in the community.